3 Best Hotels and Resorts in Alanya

To enjoy the beauty of Alanya and hang around the tour spots you will require proper accommodation matching your needs. There are lots of different resorts and hotel close to Alanya some even situated on the beach shore. But not all of them has the perfect condition and services, esigaretter is allowed. Here are a compilation of 3 best hotels and resorts in Alanya which have been selected based on long term positive reviews by tourists worldwide.

1. Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa

Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa

Situated just behind the shoreline Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is one of the most premium in Alanya. It’s just roughly 20 minutes walk away form the beach. The whole resort consists of over 800 thousands sq.ft. area with 48 pool villas, 24 Chalet and garden. The main building is 9-storied and has a total of 748 rooms for accommodation of the tourists and visitors.

Hotel resort and spa restaurant


You can get delicious foods and snacks from the restaurants during any time of the day.






Long beach resort bar


You can even hangout with friends and have a drink at of  the 11 bars right inside the resort premises.







Long beach resort amusement park


There are also amusement park, mini football pitch, tennis court, miniature golf field and beach volleyball open for you to have a blast.






Long beach resort spa center


When you are tired and want to go into relaxation, the SPA and fitness center will help you with that.






2. Grand Okan Hotel

Grand Okan

Grand Okan is another of the top tier hotels adjacent to Alanya. It’s surrounded by trees and garden while being situated in the center. It’s not as big as most of the other palace like resorts but moderately spaced with swimming pool and other services for tourists.  

grand okan room

Rooms: They have a total of 146  luxury hotel rooms and 6 family guest rooms equipped with necessary electronics and entertainment system.


Grand Okan pool bar






Bar: The beach bar on the shore and pool side are their most beautiful attractions and enjoyed very much by tourists. You can either relax during a swim or have simple sit on the shoreline and enjoy the breeze.

Gran Okan beach bar


Grand Okan pool games

Games and activities: the swimming pools have been setup to play games like water handball, water volleyball etc.

Grand Okan İXİR Wellness

İXİR Wellness: Grand Okan Hotel’s İXİR Hair Salon is the perfect place to refresh and renew yourself when you are looking to get a quick boost.


3. Hotel Villa Turka

Hotel Villa Turka

Hotel Villa Turka is very unique compared to other resorts around. It reflects the traditional architecture and customs of the earlier Turkish generations. It’s situated in a corner of the shoreline. It’s very less crowded and provides a fantastic view of the whole beach from every room in the building. 


Villa Turka Suits

Villa Turka have three different types of rooms depending on the visitors needs. The rooms range from 15 to 60 sq.m. All of them has a balcony beside and offers sea view or garden view. They are equipped with air conditioners, TV and all other basic electronics.

Villa Turka common area

Lounge is just beside the swimming pool on the first floor. Surrounded with small plants all around giving a greenery feel.


Overall choosing the right hotel for your accommodation in Alanya depends on  your needs and budget. You can start by narrowing down to a list of resorts and than checking their reviews and finally making the decision.